Homecoming II- Brothers

A storm brews to the east, the leaves blow & the swallows swoop; it is a day that smells of rain & high adventure.

The children stand brave, the elder the hero-protector. The littlest the sidekick, steady & true, gazing, adoring, at his brother. Swallow wings sprout from their backs, poised to give them safe passage. The swallow migrates, but no matter how far it roams, it always returns home; the brothers are an anchor to each other, always. Family.

The wind is in their nostrils; the wild lands lay at their feet, ready. They face the future quest, holding hands to steady each other, bright with possibility.

The wings sparkle in the late afternoon storm-light, the figures shift between worlds, the leaves & swallows become the decals on their walls, the rain begins to fall, & the mother calls dinner.

Warm smells, warm hearts, home. 

Homecoming II- Brothers
Oil & glitter on linen. 100x100cm.
©️ Joanne S. Turner. 2019

Proud mama moments

Oh happy days, the boys are almost ready. Does anyone else feel ridiculously proud of their artworks when they are just about ready to fly on their own? When you love them so much you would happily keep them forever. Who knows what lies in store for these boys, exciting isn’t it?!

Fox Rising

Artist statement & genesis

He sits amongst the stars, fashioning universes in his tiny, dirty fingers. A slightly grubby small god, gazing into the late afternoon sun, he contains all possibilities, creator & consumer of worlds, a wild and deep force of nature. This, is love.

Fox is depicted as a force of creation, molding universes in his hands as he stares into the afternoon sun here on earth.

 That rising emotion of love that a mother feels when her child is born spans eternity, limitless, a force of creation, enfolding everything. It spans worlds, as do children, balanced between what is real & the unbridled nature of childhood imagination. Love is infinite. 

“Fox is OK mummy, he’s just eating his stars”

This little quote when Samson was 4 and Fox was a baby was the catalyst for this painting. I had asked Sam to check on the Baby, which he did, & as babies do, Fox was stuffing anything into his mouth, the anything happened to be a muslin wrap printed with stars. From this I had an enduring snapshot in my brain of my giant baby consuming stars out in the universe, but the image itself didn’t come until he was 1.

We were on a trip visiting relatives in NZ for Fox’s first birthday. On the long drive back to the airport to go home, we stopped for a break at a small town with a pretty awesome park. It was late afternoon, a perfect sunny day with that warm light you only get at that time & dark clouds starting to gather in the background for an evening storm- do you know the colours I mean? The light quality of warmth & the cool dark blue blacks of the storm front. I lay on the grass with my bubs & took some photos. Here he was, small but gigantic, a grubby force of nature, the light of my heart (well, one of them). That feeling when your heart swells two sizes & the hairs stand up on your arm at that perfect moment, the very air shivers. 

And yes, of course the Pixies ‘Gigantic’ was the soundtrack to most of this painting.