Fox Rising

Artist statement & genesis

He sits amongst the stars, fashioning universes in his tiny, dirty fingers. A slightly grubby small god, gazing into the late afternoon sun, he contains all possibilities, creator & consumer of worlds, a wild and deep force of nature. This, is love.

Fox is depicted as a force of creation, molding universes in his hands as he stares into the afternoon sun here on earth.

 That rising emotion of love that a mother feels when her child is born spans eternity, limitless, a force of creation, enfolding everything. It spans worlds, as do children, balanced between what is real & the unbridled nature of childhood imagination. Love is infinite. 

“Fox is OK mummy, he’s just eating his stars”

This little quote when Samson was 4 and Fox was a baby was the catalyst for this painting. I had asked Sam to check on the Baby, which he did, & as babies do, Fox was stuffing anything into his mouth, the anything happened to be a muslin wrap printed with stars. From this I had an enduring snapshot in my brain of my giant baby consuming stars out in the universe, but the image itself didn’t come until he was 1.

We were on a trip visiting relatives in NZ for Fox’s first birthday. On the long drive back to the airport to go home, we stopped for a break at a small town with a pretty awesome park. It was late afternoon, a perfect sunny day with that warm light you only get at that time & dark clouds starting to gather in the background for an evening storm- do you know the colours I mean? The light quality of warmth & the cool dark blue blacks of the storm front. I lay on the grass with my bubs & took some photos. Here he was, small but gigantic, a grubby force of nature, the light of my heart (well, one of them). That feeling when your heart swells two sizes & the hairs stand up on your arm at that perfect moment, the very air shivers. 

And yes, of course the Pixies ‘Gigantic’ was the soundtrack to most of this painting.